The Lawyers Clearinghouse harnesses the power of Massachusetts legal professionals to strengthen communities. We do this by connecting Massachusetts nonprofits and the homeless with pro bono lawyers. With limited resources, we maximize community impact by streamlining the way lawyers volunteer their skills.

Through our connections to a network of lawyers at top Massachusetts law firms and corporations, we:

The Clearinghouse Model

The Clearinghouse bridges the gap between lawyers who want to volunteer and nonprofits and homeless people who need their help. Lawyers want to take pro bono cases, but scarcely have the time to research opportunities. Nonprofits need legal help, but can rarely afford an attorney. The homeless and at-risk population needs someone to speak for them. Through our connections to a network of lawyers at top Massachusetts law firms, we serve several communities.

Community Impact

We support Massachusetts nonprofits by finding them pro bono lawyers and offering them free legal seminars. Legal services strengthen their organizations. In turn, they are able to serve their communities better and continue their missions to promote affordable housing, educate local youth, advocate for environmental causes, work to reduce poverty, etc.

We also connect the homeless or those who are at risk of becoming homeless with lawyers who can change their lives. Through our Massachusetts Legal Clinic for the Homeless, pro bono lawyers often assist homeless clients with housing issues or help them earn unemployment or Social Security benefits. This can be the starting point for turning their lives around.

Opportunities for Lawyers

The Clearinghouse provides a unique opportunity for corporate, tax, real estate, and in-house attorneys to apply their expertise on a pro bono basis. While many pro bono projects target litigators to take on pro bono cases in the traditional poverty law areas, limited opportunities exist for non-litigators who want to provide pro bono legal assistance in their areas of expertise.