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Legal Workshops for Nonprofits

Focused. Intense. Followed the program as promised. Leaving with the information I need but did not know I needed.

– Attendee, Succession Planning: What Your Nonprofit Should be Considering for Leadership Change

It broke down exactly what WISP was and why it was so important to have WISP.

– Attendee, Written Information Security Program (WISP) Training and Consultation

Expertise, well-presented, efficient. I’d gladly attend more – thank you for your time and these resources!

– Attendee, Employment Law Issues for Nonprofits

Extremely thorough, excellent information . . . Amazing! A++!

-Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

Great content; open and tailored to our specific needs.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Educational Workshop

A great balance between basic information and specific examples; giving attendees the slides is a great idea, since there is a lot of specific info to keep track of.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Educational Workshop

Thought it was the perfect breadth and depth of info. Teresa handled questions perfectly, too.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Educational Workshop

Love the educational meetings.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

Excellent workshop! In only 2 hours, the presenters went through laws and paperwork that had confused us for months. The workbook will come in handy often and is much appreciated. This is a wonderful service you offer.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

The January 9 workshop on Nonprofit Management Issues: Common Misclassifications, & other Considerations was very informative and extremely well designed.

Atty Anjali Walkar was an exceptional speaker and very open to questions. Thanks to  Jericho Road Lawrence and the Lawyers Clearinghouse for co-sponsorship and to Northern Essex community College for the conference space.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Educational Workshop

Presenters are extremely knowledgeable. Booklet seems helpful. Jam packed with useful information.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

A lot of info presented in an accessible, fairly jargon-free way.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

Was wonderful. Kept my complete attention the entire time.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

Extremely thorough; made much of what I’d shudder to know about…actually interesting. A miracle!

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

I appreciate the clear and practical advice – I had no idea about what the incorporation process involved.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

Massachusetts Legal Clinic for the Homeless

This was my first experience with Lawyers Clearinghouse, and it was excellent. Maribeth Perry was so helpful, organized, and kind. The staff at Pine Street Inn were also fantastic.

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

It was a great experience. Well-organized and the assistance provided by the staff from Lawyers Clearinghouse was straightforward and practical.

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

This was a very well-organized clinic. The clients were screened before we interviewed them, which really helped the lawyers and the clients with expectation setting. I think that made a big difference in making sure that everyone left the meeting feeling like they had been helped, even if there were no legal issues we could take. I also thought that bookending the day with meetings with the director really made a difference as far as knowing how the day would flow and wrapping up any action items. I look forward to going again!

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

Great program. Maribeth’s overview at the firm was extremely helpful. Having the opportunity to meet with potential clients was extremely meaningful.

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

The Legal Clinics are always a worthwhile experience.

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

Thank you for all the good work you do on behalf of the disabled and people in need.

– Parents of a client, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

Fantastic service to the community. Listening to clients and helping them was a lot of fun. Getting down to ground level and meeting the people who need your help as an advocate most put a lot into perspective.

– Volunteer lawyer, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

You aren’t hearing no, which you are used to hearing. For someone to say, “Yes, I can help you” – it’s amazing.

– Client, Legal Clinic for the Homeless

An interesting, fulfilling, and purposeful experience. Reinvigorated my interest in law and social justice.

– Volunteer paralegal, Legal Clinic for the Homeless