Legal Assessment Program

Founded in 2011, this service matches attorneys with nonprofit organizations to complete an in-depth review of the organization’s operations.  The goal is to identify and remedy potential legal issues, ensure legal requirements are met and to suggest best practices for governance.

Contact: Machiko Sano Hewitt (617) 778-1954

Program Details

The program’s objectives are accomplished by enlisting the volunteer, pro bono support of the private bar through solicitation of law firms and individual attorneys.  In order to be placed with a volunteer attorney, nonprofits must fill out an application and supply the requested documents to the Clearinghouse. Each assessment will cover the following areas:

  • Legal Form and Corporate Governance
  • Internal Controls and Procedures
  • Employment Practices
  • Insurance Issues
  • Tax Matters
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Privacy/Data Security/Other Matters
  • Material Contracts

As applications from nonprofit groups are received by the Clearinghouse, a search is conducted to identify attorneys with relevant experience.  From this search, the Clearinghouse notifies attorneys of the opportunity to volunteer to accept the pro bono case.  The volunteer attorney who accepts the case will meet directly with the client.  At the conclusion of the case, the attorney will report back to the Clearinghouse with information including the outcome of the case and the value of their donated services.


The Legal Assessment Program is open to all existing nonprofit organizations.  There is a $200.00 (budgets under $1M) or $500.00 (budgets over $1M) administrative fee for successful placement of each case with a volunteer attorney.

Apply Online

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