Legal Workshops for Nonprofits

Presenter Teresa Santalucia, a partner at Klein Hornig, leads a workshop on lobbying, advocacy, and political activities for 501(c)(3) organizations on June 1, 2017.

The Lawyers Clearinghouse strengthens the Massachusetts nonprofit community by providing a wide range of legal seminars for nonprofits. Through the legal expertise of pro bono attorneys, nonprofits remain current with important legal issues, understand legal and regulatory requirements, improve their organizational management, and increase their ability to serve the community.

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Some workshops may require attendees to pay a small administrative fee.

Contact: Machiko Sano Hewitt (617) 778-1954

Nonprofit Incorporation Workshops

Excellent workshop! In only 2 hours, the presenters went through laws and paperwork that had confused us for months. The workbook will come in handy often and is much appreciated. This is a wonderful service you offer.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Incorporation Workshop

The two and a half hour workshop is designed to answer general questions and provide nonprofits with an overview of issues related to nonprofit formation. This very successful seminar covers the pros and cons of being a nonprofit versus a for-profit business, fiscal sponsorship, incorporating and structuring the nonprofit, highlights of the Form 1023 for federal tax-exemption, state and federal reporting and regulation, board duties, and federal tax rules applicable to 501(c)(3) organizations. Attendance at this workshop is required of applicants seeking pro bono legal assistance to form a nonprofit organization.

Other Legal Seminars for Nonprofits

A great balance between basic information and specific examples; giving attendees the slides is a great idea, since there is a lot of specific info to keep track of.

– Attendee, Nonprofit Educational Workshop

All nonprofits and nonprofit start-ups are invited to attend any of our legal seminars. We collaborate with Goodwin Procter LLP, Boston Private, Boston Public Library, Jericho Road Lawrence, Stonehill College, the Lenny Zakim Fund, and Mel King Institute at MACDC to offer legal seminars on timely topics.

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