Pro Bono Consultation Series

This 3-hour program consists of a 1-hour training on the target topic, followed by a 75-90 minute private consultation session with a team of pro bono attorneys. To sign up, check our calendar for upcoming Consultations and register on the event page.

Program Goal

To provide nonprofits with an organization-specific consultation to ensure their compliance with the target area of law.

Eligibility Guidelines

The program is open to nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status that meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • It must provide services to low or moderate income people or serve a compelling community need; and
  • It must be unable to afford legal services or demonstrate that the cost of obtaining assistance would adversely affect their ability to fulfill their mission.


There is a $25 fee for each organization to attend a Pro Bono Consultation.


If you have additional questions about our nonprofit programs or the application process, please contact Legal Referral Director Machiko Sano Hewitt by email or at 617. 778.1954.

Email Alerts

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Past Participating Nonprofits Say:

Amazing to have specific assistance on our lease terms. – Participant in Commercial Lease program

Timely, expert attention to important issues; not only about the lease itself but also how to negotiate with landlord. – Participant in Commercial Lease program

Raised issues we had not considered. – Participant in Commercial Lease program

Great presentation about practical application, and awesome pro bono assistance. – Participant in WISP program

Very well organized. Good prep beforehand. Great to leave with a copy of WISP. – Participant in WISP program

Really appreciated the consultation. The improvement of Social Media Policy will ensure better risk management. – Participant in Social Media Policy program

Revision suggested raised questions on our current practices and internal cultural norms that need to be addressed. – Participant in Social Media Policy program