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Cyber Security Overview for Nonprofits

What sort of cyber security risks do nonprofits face today? What are the legal implications arising from them? Come and learn from two cyber security experts whose presentation and Q&As will help you examine your nonprofit operations and practices in

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Board Development and Governance

Registration: Click here. Please RSVP by June 1. Payment: $25 per person. Click here to pay. Payment takes the form of a donation on Network for Good. Please choose “my full contact information” or “my name and email address only” under privacy preferences so we

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Pro Bono Consultation for Nonprofits: Commercial Leases

Do you have questions about your current office lease? Is the lease renewal time fast approaching? Are you considering a move to new office space? Come and meet with real estate law specialists from a premier law firm who will

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Lobbying, Advocacy & Political Activities for 501(c)(3) Entities

Many nonprofits are now considering to increase their advocacy activities. It is critical for these nonprofits to review the rule of engagement in this area so as to remain in compliance with pertinent laws and regulations. They may also consider

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Pro Bono Consultation for Nonprofits: Written Information Security Program (WISP)

Registration for this event is now closed. Please contact Machiko Sano Hewitt with any questions. Massachusetts law requires any corporate entity operating in MA which handles the residents’ personal information (PI) to develop and enforce a Written Information Security Program

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Changing Lives One Small Step at a Time

Twelve years ago, Anne Bader-Martin, a court-appointed attorney in the juvenile court system, sat in a Dunkin’ Donuts with one of her clients. The girl was fifteen, pregnant, and determined to keep the baby, so the two of them were

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Governance Expert Teresa Santalucia Helps Local Nonprofits Succeed

When attorney Teresa Santalucia, a partner at Klein Hornig and a member of the Clearinghouse Board of Directors, presents at one of the Clearinghouse’s nonprofit seminars, she’s not only drawing upon years of legal knowledge, but upon her own firsthand

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Helping Nonprofits Understand, Negotiate and Live with Contracts: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Nonprofits enter into contracts every day. Contracts come in many forms and formats. Our seminar seeks to demystify the terminology, myths and realities of contracts. The first portion, presented by a pro bono corporate and transactional lawyer from a major global law

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Job Posting: Access to Justice Fellows Program Director

The Lawyers Clearinghouse on Affordable Housing and Homelessness is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 by the Boston Bar Association and Massachusetts Bar Association. Our mission is to connect pro bono lawyers with nonprofits and people in need, to promote access to justice, strengthen

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